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Unveiling Transformation: A Journey Through Undoing Racism with Devon Thompson

Devon Thompson 😊, our dedicated Business Service Coordinator! Devon's commitment to growth and inclusivity shines through as she was recently invited to attend the Undoing Racism workshop hosted by Living Cities in New York.

Here's what Devon had to say about her experience:

"The Undoing Racism Conference hosted in New York City 🗽 by Living Cities in partnership with The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond wasn't just an event; it was a transformative journey that left an enduring mark on each participant. As I immersed myself in thought-provoking discussions and interactive workshops, I discovered the power of acknowledging my own biases and gained a deeper understanding of the historical context of racism. The conference wasn't just about rhetoric; it provided practical tools that empowered me to actively contribute to dismantling discriminatory structures.
What made the conference truly successful was the personal growth it sparked within me. I left with a heightened awareness and a renewed commitment to allyship and advocacy. The connections I made through networking opportunities didn't just end at the conference doors; they evolved into collaborative initiatives and partnerships that extended far beyond the event. Witnessing the ripple effect of these efforts within my community and organization will emphasize the real, tangible impact of the conference.
Moreover, the Undoing Racism Conference inspired me to be a catalyst for change in my own sphere. I will become a part of initiatives that will challenge the status quo, contributing to policy changes and grassroots movements. The success of the conference won’t stop with the event itself; it will become a driving force for an ongoing commitment to undoing racism. It's not just a shared responsibility; it's a personal one, a commitment to fostering a more equitable and harmonious future in every aspect of my life!


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